Fax: 03-6770-3330 Mob: 080-6040-1993
Fax: 03-6770-3330 Mob: 080-6040-1993
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Yachu Hair Oil (New Hair Growth) 150ml



This is a hair oil made from 32 botanical ingredients proven for new hair growth. nNote: This product should be use 3 to 4 times a week only.nHOW TO USE:nStep 1 : add a few drops of oil as necessary.nStep 2 : Gently pat your scalp after applying oil.nStep 3 : Gently pat your scalp for five to ten minutes while massaging it.nIf any hair falls on your hands, pat your scalp rather than rubbing it.nStep 4: Only wash your hair after a half-hour if your scalp itches.nWHOM TO USE?n- If you have dandruff & dirtyness first use dandruff control oil.n- Baldness Case onlyn- If vou have thickness or less horin scalp first use hair fall control oilnIngredients:n• False daisyn• Cloven• Rose Maryn• Cinnamonn• Amalan. Lemonn• Walnutn• Mustardn• Alo weedn•Moringan• Curry leafn• Cardamomn• Gingern• Almondn• Dry turmericn• Fens reekn• Aloveran• Yellow mustardn• Bay leafn• Water Hyssopn•Onion seedn• Soap Berry

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